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Health Conditions

AIDS/HIV (19) YF-3000.0270  

Alzheimer's Disease (7) YF-3000.0440  

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (1) YF-3000.0520  

Anemia (5) YF-3000.0560  

Aneurysms (1) YF-3000.0580  

Asthma (1) YF-3000.0920  

Brain Disorders (13) YF-3000.1300  

Burns (1) YF-3000.1400  

Cancer (29) YF-3000.1480  

Celiac Disease (2) YF-3000.1580  

COVID-19 (2) YF-3000.2193  

Dementia (3) YF-3000.2380  

Diabetes (11) YF-3000.2440  

Down Syndrome (4) YF-3000.2560  

Epilepsy (3) YF-3000.3035  

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (1) YF-3000.3120  

Headaches (1) YF-3000.3500  

Heart Disease (2) YF-3000.3520  

Hemophilia (1) YF-3000.3560  

High Risk Infants/Children (1) YF-3000.3660  

Huntington's Disease (1) YF-3000.3720  

Kidney Disease (2) YF-3000.4360  

Lead Poisoning (2) YF-3000.4520  

Leukemia (2) YF-3000.4640  

Lupus Erythematosus (2) YF-3000.4800  

Lyme Disease (1) YF-3000.4820  

Lymphoma (2) YF-3000.4850  

Multiple Sclerosis (4) YF-3000.5120  

Muscular Dystrophy (1) YF-3000.5200  

Orphan Diseases (1) YF-3000.5760  

Pain (1) YF-3000.6090  

Parkinson's Disease (2) YF-3000.6160  

People With Chronic Illnesses (19) YF-3000.6300  

Pregnancy/Birth Problems (2) YF-3000.6840  

Rabies (1) YF-3000.6960  

Sexually Transmitted Disease (1) YF-3000.7740  

Stroke (6) YF-3000.8200  

West Nile Virus (1) YF-3000.9390  

Zika Virus (1) YF-3000.9988  

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211CNY is answered by:
United Way

United Way of Central New York
United Way of Greater Oswego County
United Way of Northern New York, Inc.

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