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Specialized Treatment and Prevention

Alternative Medicine (5) LT-0500  

Artificial Organs (1) LT-0750  

Bloodless Surgery (1) LT-0820  

Chemotherapy/Radiation Therapy (4) LT-1500  

Chiropractic (2) LT-1510  

Clinical Trials (2) LT-1530  

Cochlear Implants (1) LT-1550  

Company Care Programs (1) LT-1630  

Condition Specific Treatment (54) LT-1750  

Disease Prevention Programs (4) LT-1780  

Gender Reassignment Surgery (1) LT-1985  

Hemodialysis (2) LT-2600  

Home Health Care (24) LT-2800  

Hospice Care (8) LT-3000  

Immunizations (18) LT-3400  

Intravenous Medication (1) LT-3500  

Laser Treatment/Surgery (3) LT-4300  

Limb Reimplantation (1) LT-4350  

Organ Transplants (2) LT-6200  

Outpatient Surgery (12) LT-6400  

Pacemakers (1) LT-6500  

Pain Management (13) LT-6600  

Palliative Care (5) LT-6650  

Peritoneal Dialysis (2) LT-6700  

Weight Management (5) LT-9500  

Contact Community Services answers the 211CNY phone line
211CNY is answered by:
United Way

United Way of Central New York
United Way of Greater Oswego County
United Way of Northern New York, Inc.

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