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Consumer Complaints

Accountant Complaints (1) DD-1500.0050  

Adult Residential Facility Complaints (1) DD-1500.0080  

Advertising Complaints (1) DD-1500.0100  

Architect Complaints (1) DD-1500.0500  

Athletic Trainer Complaints (1) DD-1500.0540  

Automobile Complaints (1) DD-1500.0650  

Bottled Water Complaints (1) DD-1500.1100  

Child Care Complaints (1) DD-1500.1500  

Condominium Complaints (1) DD-1500.1750  

Correctional Facility Complaints (1) DD-1500.1930  

Emergency Management Organization Complaints (1) DD-1500.3150  

Engineer Complaints (1) DD-1500.3300  

Food Complaints (3) DD-1500.3750  

Funeral Director Complaints (1) DD-1500.3850  

Government Complaints/Government Ombudsman Offices (3) DD-1500.4150  

Health Facility Complaints (4) DD-1500.4280  

Health Spa Complaints (2) DD-1500.4400  

Home Health Care Complaints (1) DD-1500.4530  

Housing Complaints (2) DD-1500.4650  

Internet Service Provider Complaints (1) DD-1500.4820  

Land Surveyor Complaints (1) DD-1500.5000  

Landscape Architect Complaints (1) DD-1500.5100  

Mental Health Facility Complaints (1) DD-1500.5830  

Mobile Home Complaints (1) DD-1500.5900  

Motion Picture Complaints (1) DD-1500.6050  

Plumber Complaints (1) DD-1500.7150  

Practitioner Complaints (3) DD-1500.7230  

Radio Complaints (1) DD-1500.7400  

Restaurant Complaints (3) DD-1500.7800  

School Complaints (2) DD-1500.8000  

Service Station Complaints (2) DD-1500.8150  

Sewer System Complaints (46) DD-1500.8155  

Shelter Complaints (3) DD-1500.8170  

Substance Use Disorder Service Provider Complaints (1) DD-1500.8670  

Swimming Pool Complaints (3) DD-1500.8700  

Tanning Facility Complaints (2) DD-1500.8850  

Telephone Solicitation Complaints (1) DD-1500.9250  

Television Complaints (2) DD-1500.9300  

Trash/Recycling Service Complaints (1) DD-1500.9535  

Utility Service Complaints (1) DD-1500.9650  

Contact Community Services answers the 211CNY phone line
211CNY is answered by:
United Way

United Way of Central New York
United Way of Greater Oswego County
United Way of Northern New York, Inc.

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