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Topical Identifiers/Issues

Abortion Issues (1) YZ-0100  

Adoption/Foster Care Issues (4) YZ-0200  

Agricultural Issues (4) YZ-0330  

AIDS/HIV Issues (3) YZ-0350  

Anger/Violence Issues (1) YZ-0430  

Arts/Humanities Issues (1) YZ-0500  

Business Issues (1) YZ-1000  

Child Abuse Issues (5) YZ-1450  

Child Care Issues (6) YZ-1470  

Children's Issues (1) YZ-1480  

Dating Violence Issues (1) YZ-1660  

Developmental Issues (2) YZ-1680  

Disabilities Issues (5) YZ-1700  

Disaster/Emergency Issues (1) YZ-1730  

Divorce/Custody/Support Issues (12) YZ-1740  

Domestic Violence Issues (16) YZ-1750  

Drug Use Disorder Issues (1) YZ-1800  

Education Issues (1) YZ-1850  

Elder Abuse Issues (1) YZ-1900  

Employment Issues (4) YZ-1950  

Environmental Issues (6) YZ-1990  

Family Planning Issues (2) YZ-2050  

Gambling Issues (2) YZ-2450  

Gun Violence Issues (1) YZ-2650  

Housing Issues (2) YZ-3150  

Human Rights Issues (1) YZ-3250  

Human/Social Services Issues (2) YZ-3260  

Hunger/Food Issues (1) YZ-3280  

Immigration Issues (2) YZ-3350  

International Issues (1) YZ-3500  

Labor Issues (1) YZ-4100  

Legal Issues (3) YZ-4500  

LGBTQ Issues (4) YZ-4530  

Long Term Care Issues (4) YZ-4750  

Mental Health Issues (11) YZ-5000  

Nonprofit Organization Issues (1) YZ-5800  

Nutrition Issues (3) YZ-5850  

Older Adult/Aging Issues (4) YZ-6100  

Parental Visitation Issues (2) YZ-6180  

Parenting Issues (4) YZ-6200  

Personal Finances Issues (1) YZ-6300  

Political Issues (1) YZ-6400  

Prescription Drug Issues (1) YZ-6700  

Recycling Issues (1) YZ-6920  

Relationship Issues (1) YZ-6940  

Reproductive Issues (2) YZ-7000  

Science and Technology Issues (6) YZ-8150  

Sexual Assault Issues (7) YZ-8200  

Social Security Issues (2) YZ-8270  

Special Education Issues (2) YZ-8290  

Sports/Recreation Issues (1) YZ-8300  

Substance Use Disorder Issues (13) YZ-8400  

Suicide Issues (1) YZ-8420  

Tax Issues (2) YZ-8450  

Utility Issues (1) YZ-8650  

Veteran/Military Personnel Issues (13) YZ-8800  

Youth Issues (2) YZ-9800  

Contact Community Services answers the 211CNY phone line
211CNY is answered by:
United Way

United Way of Central New York
United Way of Greater Oswego County
United Way of Northern New York, Inc.

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