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Crime Reporting

Abandoned Vehicle Reporting/Removal (39) FN-1700.0250  

Arson Reporting (41) FN-1700.0500  

Bicycle Theft Reporting (3) FN-1700.1050  

Carpool Lane Violations Reporting (1) FN-1700.1250  

Child Sexual Exploitation Reporting (4) FN-1700.1300  

Clergy Sexual Abuse Reporting (3) FN-1700.1400  

Consumer Fraud Reporting (1) FN-1700.1470  

Counterfeit Money Reporting (3) FN-1700.1500  

Cybercrime Reporting (6) FN-1700.1530  

Dangerous Weapons Reporting (39) FN-1700.1700  

Drug Crime Reporting (41) FN-1700.1800  

Employee Fraud Reporting (2) FN-1700.2000  

Fish and Game Violations Reporting (1) FN-1700.2250  

Gang Activity Reporting (41) FN-1700.2500  

Gas Siphoning Reporting (1) FN-1700.2550  

General Crime Reporting (39) FN-1700.2600  

Graffiti Reporting (3) FN-1700.2650  

Hate Crimes Reporting (39) FN-1700.3000  

Identity Theft Reporting/Recovery Programs (3) FN-1700.3200  

Illegal Dumping Reporting (1) FN-1700.3300  

Insurance Fraud Reporting (1) FN-1700.3350  

Looting Reporting (3) FN-1700.4000  

Non-Emergency Crime Reporting (42) FN-1700.6300  

Organized Crime Reporting (41) FN-1700.6450  

Postal Crime Reporting (3) FN-1700.6500  

Probation/Parole Violations Reporting (3) FN-1700.6600  

Public Nuisance Reporting (39) FN-1700.6700  

Racial Profiling Reporting (3) FN-1700.6900  

Real Estate Money Transfer Scam Reporting (1) FN-1700.6970  

Reckless Driving Reporting (38) FN-1700.7000  

School Related Crime Reporting (39) FN-1700.7400  

Social Security Fraud Reporting (8) FN-1700.7800  

Stolen Automobile Reporting (6) FN-1700.8000  

Tax Fraud Reporting (1) FN-1700.8400  

Telephone Harassment Reporting (1) FN-1700.8450  

Terrorism/Radicalization Reporting (1) FN-1700.8500  

Traffic Accident Reporting (40) FN-1700.8550  

Unemployment Benefits Fraud Reporting (3) FN-1700.9000  

Unlawful Distribution of Controlled Substances Reporting (41) FN-1700.9100  

Welfare Fraud Reporting (4) FN-1700.9500  

White Collar Crime Reporting (1) FN-1700.9600  

Contact Community Services answers the 211CNY phone line
211CNY is answered by:
United Way

United Way of Central New York
United Way of Greater Oswego County
United Way of Northern New York, Inc.

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