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Adoption Records (1) DF-7000.0100  

Annulment Records (80) DF-7000.0600  

Beer/Liquor Licenses and Permits (2) DF-7000.1100  

Birth Certificates (36) DF-7000.1200  

Boat Mooring/Beaching Permits (2) DF-7000.1230  

Boat Registration (1) DF-7000.1250  

Burglar Alarm Permits (1) DF-7000.1300  

Charitable Gambling Permits (110) DF-7000.1390  

Charitable Solicitations Permits (104) DF-7000.1400  

Child Custody Orders (1) DF-7000.1450  

Concealed Weapons Permits (1) DF-7000.1470  

Court Records (4) DF-7000.1550  

Death Related Records/Permits (33) DF-7000.1700  

Divorce Records (83) DF-7000.1800  

Domestic Partner Registries (88) DF-7000.1835  

Driver License Testing Sites (1) DF-7000.1840  

Driver Licenses (1) DF-7000.1850  

Federal Tax Identification Numbers (1) DF-7000.2030  

Fire Hydrant Use Permits (83) DF-7000.2120  

Firearm Permits (4) DF-7000.2150  

Fireworks Permits (97) DF-7000.2170  

Fishing Licenses (128) DF-7000.2200  

Food Handling Permits (1) DF-7000.2250  

Foreclosure Records (1) DF-7000.2270  

Freedom of Information Requests (164) DF-7000.2350  

Garage Sale Permits (101) DF-7000.2500  

Hauling Permits (104) DF-7000.2900  

Hunting Licenses (127) DF-7000.3000  

Identification Cards (3) DF-7000.3300  

Land Records (124) DF-7000.4550  

Law Enforcement Records/Files (47) DF-7000.4590  

Marriage Certificates (126) DF-7000.4950  

Marriage Licenses (124) DF-7000.5000  

Military Records (2) DF-7000.5200  

Motor Vehicle Registration (1) DF-7000.5500  

Notary Signature Registration/Validation (126) DF-7000.6000  

Open Burning Permits (94) DF-7000.6460  

Parking Permits (148) DF-7000.6550  

Passport Photos (34) DF-7000.6600  

Passports (63) DF-7000.6650  

Picketing Permits (82) DF-7000.6730  

Picnic Permits (91) DF-7000.6750  

Same Sex Civil Union Certificates (93) DF-7000.7820  

Same Sex Civil Union Licenses (93) DF-7000.7830  

Satellite Dish Permits (87) DF-7000.7850  

Social Security Numbers (2) DF-7000.8250  

Special Animal Permits (98) DF-7000.8280  

Street/Sidewalk Use Permits (94) DF-7000.8295  

Support Orders (1) DF-7000.8330  

Tailgating Permits (92) DF-7000.8340  

Temporary Noise Permits (85) DF-7000.8345  

Temporary Promotional Searchlight Permits (84) DF-7000.8343  

Title Registration/Titles (4) DF-7000.8350  

Tree Maintenance Permits (94) DF-7000.8450  

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211CNY is answered by:
United Way

United Way of Central New York
United Way of Greater Oswego County
United Way of Northern New York, Inc.

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